Leimonos Monastery > St. Efthymios Agritellis

The new-martyr Saint Euthymios, known in the world as Agritellis, was born in 1872 in Parakoila on Lesvos, where he started his education. At the age of nine, he entered Leimonos monastery as a child and was tonsured a monk eight years later, in 1899.

He completed his general education at the monastery, and was then sent by the brotherhood to the Theological School of Halki, where he studied from 1900 to 1907. After his graduation, he returned to the monastery, having been ordained as a deacon.

He then became a teacher, and was head of the Leimonos School. In 1908 he was ordained priest, and from 1911 until his death on May 1921, served the people of the diocese of Zela on the Pontus as their Bishop. It was because of his actions in support of the Greek side in the War in Asia Minor that he was captured by the Turkish armed forces on January 21, 1921. After suffering terrible tortures he gave up his soul to the Lord on May 29th, 1921.

Among the manuscripts at Leimonos Monastery, there are fifty items written in his hand, most of which are notebooks from the time of his studies in Halki.

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