It would be very difficult to find a more reliable mirror of the monastery’s history than its rich archive, which counts according to official records a total of 2238 documents, Greek and Ottoman and covers the whole period of time after the re-establishment of the monastery in 1526 A.D until the first decades of the 20th century.
Among the archives’ documents can be found among others, a letter of Saint Ignatios, fourteen patriarchal seals on letters, three hundred and sixty patriarchal documents, one hundred and thirty-seven sultan law books and thirty-seven documents of title.
The content of these documents is mainly of administrative and ecclesiastical content. In addition, they offer in many cases, valuable and direct or indirect evidence about the central, north and west regions of Lesvos island which was under the procuration of the Metropolis of Methimna. Although an extended part of the archive has been published, the interest of the research community remains undiminished. Last but not least, a special mention must be made about the collection of Ottoman documents, which is one of the most important in Greece but unfortunately remains unpublished.