Over the centuries the intellectual, spiritual and liturgical needs of the Leimonos monastic brotherhood were served by a large number of manuscripts, more than five hundred of which are preserved to the present. These manuscripts, presently housed in the Library and Museum of the monastery, are fine examples of the rich cultural heritage from the Byzantine and post-Byzantine period. Representative manuscripts of the collection are exhibited in a special room in the Museum. Dated or datable between the tenth and twentieth century, these manuscripts mainly contain liturgical and theological texts together with musical and hymnographical works, collections of Lives of Saints and martyrs, and commentaries on patristic texts. Legal manuscripts and miscellaneous codices are also preserved. A considerable number of manuscripts containing literary texts and school textbooks reflect the Monastery's major contribution to education on the island of Lesbos. The wide range of these texts copied over a period of no less than ten centuries makes this collection special not only for the specialist historian, theologian, philologist, palaeographer and codicologist, but also for all those interested in Greek culture.