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Leimonos Monastery enjoys a close relationship with the local community. This is clearly reflected in the folklore collection of Leimonos museum, which numbers hundreds of objects, most of which have sadly not been classified due to lack of documentation.

The exhibits in the collection come in the main from three villages in the district of Methymna - Kalloni, Skoutaros and Filia. Most of the objects on display – chests, dresses, fabrics, kitchen utensils and so on - were given as dowry to young girls in these areas. There are, however, other objects of note, such as a student’s slate and slate pencil, a classical ‘Theraic’ vase made in the 5th century BC from the island of Santorini, and a whistle from a train in Paris.

The area where the monastery’s old kitchen used to be is now the Folklore Museum. In one corner, the old fireplace has been left untouched and various items of interest have been placed on it.

The area that was once the kitchen and dining room of the Old People’s Home, and once also served as the monastery ‘kafenio’, or coffee-house, now houses a display known as the ’Lesvian Home’. This is the reconstruction of an old house, in which objects typically once used on Lesvos in the kitchen have been placed, together with those from the dining room and bedroom. Most of these objects were donated by people living in the district of Methymna.